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Nepalgunj Civil Aviation office, under Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN)  is responsible for the provision of Air Navigation Service within the area of its jurisdiction . It is providing Air Traffic services, Communication and Navigation services for the safe and efficient conduct of flights arriving at or departing from this airport. Being also an operator of Nepalgunj Airport it is responsible for operation of airport and its development and maintenance.    

Nepalgunj airport one of the hub airport of Nepal  initially started its service from 'Khajura' (often called 'Khajura Airport ' )  of Nepalgunj in 1961 and later in 1980, shifted to this current place 'Ranjha' (often called 'Ranjha Airport' )  .  

It has been playing a significant role in connecting people to the remote parts of this region and assisting in  the development activities basically to those areas still not connected with road networks by facilitating logistic supports through schedule and charter air carriers. Having many touristic destinations within the region,  it has potential to  contribute greatly for the economic development. Subsequently it can serve as a main air - gate mainly for Indian pilgrims to Kailash Man Sarovar situated in Tibet, the autonomous region of the People's Republic of China.

In recent years it has recorded a surge in passenger growth.  The introduction of new air carriers, expansion in existing fleets and rise in pilgrims flow to 'Kailash Man Sarovar' are positive signs for this growth.   To address this demand, the airport management is focusing on the capacity development of necessary infrastructures and up gradation of airport facilities, and committed to deliver safe and secure air service and to deliver passenger delight.

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